Go from boring corporate slides to effective sales presentations.

We help you make content-packed, interactive presentations.

YES, we have been in your position before

Spending hours formatting text, finding the right images, matching the right fonts, choosing the right colors. Unfortunately, they don’t exactly turn out ‘right’.

Boss says that colors, design & alignment just seems ‘off’. The internet isn’t generous with good resolution images. Stock photo companies are laughing their way to the bank with their royalty charges. Nobody can exactly put a finger to what should be changed, and how.

What about animations? They really have gotten a bad rep for being gaudy & lame. But without animations, the slides doesn’t pack the needed punch to wow audiences.

Presentations are supposed to get your message across and INSPIRE action. Are yours fulfilling that?


Presenting: The better way.

Gifted with an eye for design, and a thorough understanding of the lesser known features within PowerPoint, allow us to turn your boring corporate slides into effective sales presentations.

Content at your Fingertips

Pack in all the content you require in your slide, without affecting the design one bit. Yes, we want to ensure you have the info you need at your fingertips.

Lead your Clients

Focus your client’s attention on what really matters – your pitch. We give you the power to flash content to the topic on hand, and close all other points that distract. No more barrage of points on screen that would turn your clients off.

Dictate Sales Flow

Every experienced sales person will tell you that you have to tailor your pitch based on clients, and their reaction. Our dynamic slides will allow you to have full control of how the presentation will flow – what’s next, and what should be skipped. Best of all, you don’t have to exit presentation mode!

Impress without Ostentation

Our infographic styled animation let’s you sit back relax, and let the slides to the talking for you. Who says that animations can’t be chic and impactful?

Design According to Brand

We design your slides according to your brand guidelines. Don’t worry, internal comms would be well-pleased with the deck.

Get your Point Across

Leave the headache to us. We have a way of distilling the key info to be presented, effectively, and with impact using visual aid (images, icons) to ingeniously get the point across.

Stop the show & tell. And start the show & sell.

Want to know how?

Tell Me!


Bold, Simple, Effective.

Not just a deck of pretty slides.


Your slides can be printed and converted into a high-impact sales brochure / marketing collateral. Give your clients something they can remember you by.


With your saved slides, there is no need to worry about wifi connectivity. As long as your laptop / iPad is with you, you can give your best pitch anytime, anywhere.


A craftsman is only as good as his tools. With content all at your sales staff fingertips, you can transform the way you sell and experience a lift in conversion rates, very quickly.

Starter Package

  • Presentation Critique

Let us have a look through your current deck, and share some ideas on how to boost its effectiveness!

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$ 1,500
Kickstarter Package

  • Creation of PowerPoint template
  • According to Brand Standards
  • Up to 12 Unique Slide template
  • Tailored to your presentation needs & style

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Custom Package

  • Built from the ground up
  • Highly-customized to maximize sales pitch

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